Monday, February 25, 2013

Reviving this blog!

It is time to bring this blog back to life.  I started this blog a few years ago as a way to journal our family and I have seriously been neglecting it.  I would like to change direction a little, I still want to journal our family but I would like to focus on the small things that many people don't see as blessings, but actually are.  Sometimes you need to search hard for these hidden blessings because God doesn't always put them in pain sight. 

Todays hidden blessing: Scraps of paper.  The day before Valentines day I walked into our kitchen to find our Buyers Guide all cut up, with little scraps of paper everywhere.  My first though was "who's going to clean this up?" But before I could say anything Tristyn handed me a sheet of paper.  It said "Happy Valentines Day, Mom I love you"  and she had all these cute little scraps pasted on the card, pictures of puppies, hearts, colorful fish, etc.  I am so blessed!

Now for the journal part:  Carrie-anne is doing great, she's 7 1/2 months now, I can't believe it.  She's just getting over a nasty ear/sinus infection, thrush & a bad yeast diaper rash!  She's rolling from back to front now, and she's almost figured out how to get back to her back.  She as finally started to put some weight on her legs & likes playing in her jumper.  7 1/2 months may sound late for these milestones, but that's because of her muscle Hypotonia, since all 3 of my kids have had this I have learned not to panic! We may get her enrolled in the Birth-3 program, we'll see at her next doctors appt.   Tristyn still has some minor trouble with Hypotonia such as poor balance and slow reflexes, but it does't affect her too much, and Maddy has pretty much out grown it totally.

As for Maddy & Tristyn, Maddy is in 4K, and she loves it!  She is so out going and makes friends easily.  Tristyn is in 2nd grade and has a small group of friends that are very sweet, amazingly most of them are in 4th grade!

Have a great day & look for the hidden blessings!!


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