Thursday, March 26, 2009

Physical Therapy

Maddy is going to be starting physical therapy. She was evaluated on Monday and they found she has about a 40% delay in her gross motor skills & she has muscle weakness. That means that right now she is at about the level of a 5 month old. It's hard to believe that in just a few days she will be 11 months old, and the BIG ONE is just around the corner. Just in the last 3-4 weeks she has finally mastered sitting. She still falls when she's tired. Her therapist is espically concerned that she is not willing to bear any weight on her legs, and she still has a hard time rolling.

On a good note, she is right where she needs to be cognitivly, verbally & socially, her therapist is impressed that Maddy is already trying to feed herself with a spoon, most of the food ends up on the floor, but some makes it to her mouth.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I think we broke a record!

I think we have broken the record for the fastest moving virus. Here's the schedule:

Tuesday: My Mom & Dad watched Tris & Maddy all day.

Wed. night: My Dad calls & tells me he came down with a nasty cold & hopes the girls don't get it (Thanks Grandpa!)

Thursday: All is fine.

Friday 7:30 am : (here's where I start the stop watch because I don't know when her symptoms actually started) On Friday's Maddy is watched by Tony's Dad, he comes to our house. So, Grandpa comes over & I leave for work, Maddy is just fine at this point. I get home at 5pm, and she is just a mess! Fever, red cheeks, snot everywhere & she is just miserable! (Thanks again Grandpa!) So I give her Tylenol, after about an hour the fever is gone & she is feeling better. She goes to bed early & surprisingly sleeps through the night.

Sat. Morning: She's still a little warm so she gets another dose of Tylenol & the fever goes away and doesn't come back. She is fairly happy through the day, except for the constant runny nose. She goes to bed early again & sleeps through the night.

Sun Morning: She is just fine, no fever, no runny nose, perfectly happy all day long!

I have never seen a cold virus move so fast! Less than 48 hours from 1st symptom to being symptom free? I just pray that this wasn't just the start & that it comes back with vengeance.

By the way, Tristyn never got the cold at all!


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