Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let me introduce my family

My name is Jamie, my husband is Tony. We were married in June 2000.

We have two beautiful daughters: Tristyn born 7/22/04 and Madilyn born 5/1/08.

Tristyn is a sweet girl who is very into Thomas the Train! Since she was born she has had trouble with gross motor skills (sitting up, crawling & walking very late) surprisingly her fine motor skills have always been above average. She was a part of our birth-3 program, and they were very helpful. She is now in a Head Start Pre-K program, and has been since she was 3. This program is wonderful, she loves her teachers. They have discontinued her gross motor therapy and now she just receives speech therapy and is growing in leaps & bounds.

Madilyn has been a trouble maker since day 1 (but we love her anyway!!) She was born with a congenital heart defect (CHD), Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA) Iinn short, with TGA the 2 main arteries are switched, causing the body to be starved of oxygen. To learn more about TGA click here. She had surgery at Milwaukee Children's Hospital to correct this at 4 days old. During our 2 week stay there we met several wonderful families who had children going through similar & worse things than Maddy. (We are still praying for you all).

Maddy is now 5 mo old and doing wonderful. She is checked regularly for leaky valves & narrowing of the arteries, but has shown no signs of these. She's a little slow to gain weight, but her doc says that's normal.

Everything happens for a reason and we have been blessed by our Lord Jesus with 2 beautiful daughters. We give thanks everyday for our blessings.


1 in every 125 babies is born with a heart defect?
What if that one was yours?

1 in every 166 children is diagnosed with some form of Autism? Help us put the puzzle back together!