Monday, February 23, 2009

Maddy's Heart Journey Photos

I finally updated her photo diary. I have 70+ pictures loaded & this is a work in progress so keeping checking back. I will slowly be working on adding comments to the photos also, so feel free to add your own comments if you wish. I hope to keep this photo diary as current as I can. I have a link to her photo diary in the blog roll to the right, or you can click here. Maddy's Heart Journey

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's about time!!!

OK, I've been slacking with posting pictures, so here you go. Enjoy!

Here is Maddy at 7 months, showing off how well her boo boo has healed.

Here is Maddy at 7.5 months with our pastor. We are so thankful to have him as a Pastor. The night she was born he came to the hospital at 2 am, and waited with us as they prepared to transport her. The day she had surgery he was there when we got to see her in recovery, after a 7 hour surgery.

Maddy at 9 months. Is that a mischievous grin or what?

Tristyn showing off her missing teeth

Maddy & Lucky

Maddy on her 9 month B-day (eating or playing with macaroni)

Tristyn & Maddy at a vintage snowmobile show. That's Tony's 1973 Arctic Cat Panther.

Tris with her brand new helmet

Me & Tris getting ready to go for a snowmobile ride.

Lucky has a heart! I did not edit this photo, he actually has a perfect heart on his right side! There is a small white line of fur towards the left side, almost like a broken heart? How fitting that he found our family, we now have a heart baby & a heart kitty. Read about how we rescued Lucky after being hit by a car.

Lucky & our eldest furry daughter Jasper who is 8.5 years old.
(Spunky is 7 years old, she's not pictured)


Thursday, February 12, 2009

You have to check out these blogs!

If you or someone you know has a CHD or if you just love reading inspiring stories you need to check out this blog: Inspiring Hearts. This blog is packed full of hope & inspirition, some of the stories are extremely touching! Also check out it's sister blog: Finding Inspiration Everyday!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

If your child needs surgery: CHD Awareness post #3

If you child needs surgery here is a list of things you should bring to the hospital. They will help ease tension & pass the time. Some of these items depend on the age of the child. These are in order of importance (kind of)

Bring a camera & video camera and take lots of photos. It may be hard to take pictures when you child is in pain, but there will come a time when they want to know what happened to them & what better way to show them than with pictures & videos.

Bring a notebook for notes or questions and/or a journal to help you remember daily events. Trust me, you won't remember half of everything that happens unless you journal. And again this will be helpful when your child is older & curious about what went on.

Onesies or shirts that button in front

bring things familiar to baby such as beanie babies, toys, blankets, books, music, video tapes, & batteries.

for older children, bring books, videos to watch, & other favorite toys.

Calling Cards

Bring your child’s favorite Band-Aids (Blues Clues, Sesame Street, etc).

change for vending machines

Bring somethings for yourself, magazines or a book to read, crafts, whatever will ease your tension.

Wear comfortable shoes & clothes, some hospitals are quite large & you'll be doing a lot of walking.

Ask about a long term parking pass or validate parking

You’re your child’s advocate. Don’t be shy with questions and don’t hesitate to obtain a second opinion in you want one.

For those of you with experience, please post a comment & let me know if I missed anything.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

CHD Awareness #2

How are congenital heart defects treated?
Today, most heart defects can be corrected or helped with surgery, medicine, or devices, such as artificial valves and pacemakers. In the last 25 years, advances in treatment of heart defects have enabled half a million U.S. children with significant heart defects to survive into adulthood.

Is there a prenatal test for CHD?
An echocardiagram can accurately detect many heart defects. This test needs to be performed by a specialized doctor and not an obstetrician. Some heart defects can be detected through routine ultrasound.

What causes congenital heart defect?
In most cases, scientists do not know the cause but feel both environmental and genetic factors appear to play a role.A few of the environmental factors that increase the risk are drinking alcohol and cocaine usage. Some maternal medical conditions increase the risk of fetal CHD. The most common is diabetes but not all forms will increase the risk. Women with PKU are also at risk are recommended to follow a special diet prior to pregnancy. Some studies suggest that not enought of B vitamin folic acid is taking before and during pregnancy.

Source: Little Hearts Inc


Monday, February 2, 2009

Time to build some muscle

Maddy saw her ped today. All is well as I expected, but she is concerned that Maddy is not sitting on her own yet, she's not bearing any weight on her legs, and that her overall muscle tone seems week. So, Maddy will be starting physical Therapy from our birth to 3 program. I'm very familiar with this program, Tristyn did her physical therapy with them also and I was very pleased with the results. The doctor said Maddy could be having this problem for a number of reasons: Heredity - seeing how Tristyn was delayed also - could be from O2 deprivation right after birth - or from the surgery. On a good note, she gave Maddy a little test & she scored very well cognitively & socially, she is using her prinser grasp (thumb & pointer finger), feeding herself finger food very well & babbling constantly with vowels & consonants. So, she will start the physical therapy in a few weeks, I am glad we are catching this early. I ordered her a Fisher Price Jumeroo, so I hope she likes it & builds some strength in her legs. It's time to crack the whip and start doing, situps, pushups, pullups, (LOL)

National CHD Awareness Month

February is national CHD awareness month. CHD is a poorly understood birth defect & needs more funds for research! Here are a few facts on CHD's:

What is a congenital heart defect?
Congenital means it is present at birth. Heart defects begin in the early stages of pregnancy when the baby's heart is forming.

What does CHD stand for?
It's the abbreviation for congenital heart defect.

How many babies are born with CHD?
Approximately 40,000 babies are born each year in the United States with a CHD. That equates to 1 out of 125 babies born with a heart defect.It is the #1 birth defect with more occurrences than Spina Bifida, Down syndrome or hearing loss yet many are not aware of this condition.

What is the number one birth defect?
Congenital heart defects.

How many kinds of CHD are there?
There are approximately 35 different types of congenital heart defects.

Throughout the month I will post more facts.

Source : Little Hearts Inc



1 in every 125 babies is born with a heart defect?
What if that one was yours?

1 in every 166 children is diagnosed with some form of Autism? Help us put the puzzle back together!